About Furniture Bank Studio

The Studio is an online furniture store for one-of-a-kind high-end items that have been up-cycled by artisans working in our workshop. We mostly feature classically designed pieces that have been brought back to life to appeal to the latest home and design trends. These jewels are available for sale with proceeds generating the critical funds we need to fuel Furniture Bank’s services.


Over the past few years we’ve noticed that on occasion, some of the more beautifully designed pieces we’ve had donated are not fitting for our families. With all of the good conditioned, quality pieces we receive, from time-to-time and for whatever reason, some pieces end up not getting selected.

So our team challenged it with a question, how can we keep these noteworthy items out of the landfill, while further supporting the growing number of people who depend on our services?

Question asked and answered - the Studio was born.



We are a registered charity that stands up for the right to sit down, to have a true home, and to begin anew. We transform lives by turning houses into homes and empowering the people who live inside.

Our workshop is where the up-cycling magic happens. It’s where we repair slightly damaged furniture so they could be put back into our donation or Studio stream, as appropriate. It also provides training opportunities for participants of our employment program.

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